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New Study: Sensium positively impacts LoS and critical care admission

News - 5 December 2020

Study: Continuous remote monitoring using Sensium System positively impacts length of stay and admission to critical care

The Sensium System, featured in the ‘Trial of remote continuous versus intermittent NEWS monitoring after major surgery (TRaCINg)’ study, positively impacted length of stay and reduced admissions to Critical Care.

The recently published study ‘Trial of remote continuous versus intermittent NEWS monitoring after major surgery (TRaCINg)’, compared the use of the Sensium System as an adjunct to NEWS monitoring to standard NEWS monitoring alone. The additional continuous monitoring with the Sensium system lead to a 30% reduction in length of stay and 80% less Critical Care transfers, compared to the control group. Looking at the cost-utility of a wearable monitoring system, the paper details that Sensium was cost-saving when compared to standard NEWS monitoring, with a £1,460 cost reduction per patched patient. Additionally, Monte-Carlo simulations showed that the likelihood of cost-saving to be 70%.

Additionally, 87% of the Sensium continuous monitoring group reported agreement or strong agreement with the statement “The patch is comfortable to wear”. Similarly, the Sensium continuous monitoring group reported positively on the statement “I felt safer wearing the patch”

The trial took place on two surgical wards at the St James’s University Hospital in Leeds, from October 2018 – April 2019. The 135 patients recruited were to undergo major abdominal surgery. 65 patients were monitored using the standard NEWS observations, while 60 patients had additional continuous Sensium monitoring.

The study’s primary aim was to determine the feasibility of performing a large-scale individually randomised controlled trial of continuous remote monitoring after major surgery. The study also aimed to informally assess the potential safety, potential efficacy, acceptability and potential cost-utility of a wearable, remote monitoring system for patients after major surgery, as compared to standard monitoring with NEWS alone.

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About TSC Connected Care (Sensium Healthcare Ltd)

The Surgical Company – Connected Care, formerly Sensium Healthcare Ltd is a digital healthcare division of Surgical Company Group. The Surgical Company is a collection of nine healthcare businesses with a shared goal of improving patient outcomes. The Group ventures include innovative med-tech development with a global customer footprint and European distribution businesses. The group is headquartered out of Amersfoort NL with a product portfolio containing six product lines: Broncoflex, Fluido, Fluido Irrigation, Mistral-Air, Sensium, and Thermoflect, spread across three production divisions: Patient Temperature Management, Connected Care and Endovision.

TSC Connected Care is a UK med-tech company based just outside Oxford where we employ a team of highly specialised and skilled engineers and scientists. Originally a spin-out from Imperial college TSC Connected Care has been at the forefront of the research and development of remote patient monitoring and now have over 20 peer-reviewed publications validating the Sensium® system.

The Sensium® system is a discreet, wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs of patients. Smart algorithms continuously process and analyse all patient data, generating targeted notifications of patient deterioration, efficiently bringing the nurse to the deteriorating patient.


Further information can be found at:
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 438950

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