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Turnkey Solutions

TSC Connected Care provides turnkey solutions to help free up beds and staff to deliver more and better patient care!

Sensium, our ICU grade wireless monitoring technology, has been shown to reduce Length of Stay by 10-30%.

Thelma, our smart medication dispenser, can free up to 66% of home care workforces.

Latest news:

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Earlier intervention in case of complications thanks to Sensium patch

Our solutions

At TSC Connected Care we provide turnkey solution for digital pathways. Our solutions encompass remote patient monitoring, and medication management. Our products are used throughout the complete patient pathway from chronic conditions to acute care episodes. We have decades of experience in change management and can help you incorporate the latest digital technologies into your clinical practice.

Hospital Monitoring

ICU standard vital sign monitoring, generating targeted notifications of patient deterioration1.
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Smart Medication Management

Supporting patient independence with Thelma®, our safe and secure medication dispenser.
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Re-Imagined Patient Pathways

Partner with us to truly see how technology, coupled with clinical services, can delivery huge benefits.
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Hospital At Home

Provide trusted hospital-level monitoring to your patients, from the comfort of their own home.
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Our Products

TSC Connected Care provides digital products that cover patient monitoring in all settings, and medication management offerings to aid with medication compliance and client independence.
Wireless hospital monitoring


Sensium® is a discreet, wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs of patients outside of high acuity areas, including l...
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The Thelma smart medication dispenser alerts you when its time to take your medication. At the push of a button your correct dosag...
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Independent validation of our technology

Sensium® evidence

The Sensium system has been in development and technical and clinical validation for a number of years. The evolutionary story of innovation and scientific breakthrough can be neatly told through the progression of peer reviewed scientific publications, as well as a number of health economic publications. TSC Connected Care strives for independent validation of our wireless monitoring technology.

29 peer-reviewed publications

TSC Connected Care has 29 peer-reviewed publications, including two health-economic publications

29 % reduction in LoS

The Sensium system has been proven to lead to a 29% reduction in the Length of Stay in hospitals3

45 % reduction in re-admit rate

Patients are significantly less likely to be re-admitted when monitored with Sensium4

£1,460 cost-saving

Sensium was seen as cost-saving when compared to standard ward based monitoring3


“I am very enthusiastic about wireless monitoring and Sensium. (…) Sometimes we lose ‘sight’ of a patient and we don’t notice it, especially at night. I think that wireless monitoring can do something about it. That is why I love wireless monitoring and I love Sensium.”

Ellianne van Heemskerk-Klop Nurse, Elisabeth-Tweesteden Hospital

“Sensium certainly makes patients feel safer, for instance when going to sleep. The door closes and then what? Now they go to sleep more peaceful, knowing they are looked after.”

Corrie van Amelsvoort Cooporating team leader, Amphia Hospital

“Nurses are incredibly busy and are at the bedside a lot less than for instance on the ICU. The change from ‘monitored ward’ to nursing ward is huge and as a patient you might wonder if you are being monitored enough. We notice that the patch gives the patient the feeling they are well looked after from a distance. We have heard this from family as well, who appreciate their loved one being monitored with the patch. “

Roel Biezenaar Project Manager, Elkerliek Hospital

“We have picked up episodes where the patient has begun to become unwell that we otherwise wouldn’t have done at such an early stage with standard intermittent monitoring.”

David Jayne Professor of Surgery, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

“It gives me reassurance that there is something or some equipment looking at it [vitals signs] all time and I think that when the nurse is with you, their mind is a bit more with you rather than thinking about what’s going on in other rooms.”

Sensium Patient

Seamlessly transition

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly transition care for patients from hospital to home, keeping the same ICU-grade monitoring. Once safely at home patient's Medication Adherence can also be monitored to give a holistic view of their progress. Get in touch to see how this could work for your healthcare facility.

Sensium® detects deterioration

Aided by Sensium, clinicians can detect and diagnose patient deterioration, from the earliest warning signs.

Case Study

Sensium® detects Sepsis

Sensium® sustained high respiration rate notification alerted hospital over 2 hours before next scheduled observations.

As a result, Sepsis pathway was initiated and patient did not have to be escalated to a higher equity area.

Case Study

Sensium® detects Atrial Fibrillation

Sensium® detects alerts clinicians of high heart rate and Tachycardia was detected, after which Atrial Fibrillation was diagnosed.

Sensium detects Atrial Fibrillation
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