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Sensium® Patch

The Sensium Patch provides monitoring of the three key lead indicators 7 of patient deterioration: heart rate, respiration rate and axillary temperature, with proven accuracy.

The Sensium patch sends this information to the Sensium bridges in the ward or home area, every two minutes.

Sensium system patch
Sensium system Bridge

Sensium® System

The Sensium system allows patients to have freedom of movement whilst still having the reassurance of continuous monitoring.

Sensium bridges are strategically positioned, allowing for seamless transition of patch data to clinical staff.

Clinical Interface

Notifications of patient deterioration, patient vital history and current vital signs can be viewed at nursing stations or on the move using the Sensium desktop and mobile apps.

Patients can be manually or automatically escalated for review by senior clinicians. The clinical interface is set up to highlight deteriorating patients and focus on patient trends.

Doctor holds mobile phone with Sensium app open showing patients vitals and EWS, female patient with Sensium patch on hospital bed

Integration with hospital systems

All Sensium data can be sent via industry standard HL7 messages to your hospital systems. This allows clinical staff to benefit from the Sensium system and its data within the most convenient platform

Sensium uses industry-standard HL7 protocols to easily integrate with the hospital admission, discharge & transfer systems and electronic medical records.

Electronic Observations and Early Warning Scores

Sensium allows the ability to enter additional patient data in order to calculate an Early Warning Score (EWS) and clinical response.

The time until the next observation round is due is clearly displayed. The clinical responses and EWS settings are configurable to match your observation policy. With Sensium’s integration possibilities, observations can be accessed anywhere, including directly in the EPR.

Sensium detects patient deterioration saving costs and patients

Early detection in deterioration

Sensium provides affordable real-time monitoring for your patients, and is designed to work as an early warning system.

The Sensium system will notify you of patient deterioration allowing intervention before the condition worsens. This can improve patient outcomes, shorten hospital stays and lower treatment costs.

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Support to enable clinical change

Effortless and scalable deployment

Our technical support team utilise years of experience supporting clinical change to rapidly deploy scalable, remote monitoring solutions with minimum effort to hospital clinical and IT staff.

Clinical change management

Our in-house clinical team execute a four-phase deployment program, developed using change management expertise. This program reviews current clinical practice, provides support for developing new standard operating procedures (SOPs) and on-going analysis of the new system once deployed.

Training and ongoing support

We have developed high quality, CPD accredited training programs, delivered by Nurses onsite or online. Detailed training videos and quick reference guides are available on our online training portal.

Our evidence

Peer-reviewed publication

Trial of remote continuous versus intermittent NEWS monitoring after major surgery (TRaCIng): a feasibility randomised controlled trial

The Sensium System, featured in the ‘Trial of remote continuous versus intermittent NEWS monitoring after major surgery (TRaCINg)’ study, positively impacted length of stay and reduced admissions to Critical Care.


Rethinking Hospital Efficiencies – The Role of Wireless Patient Monitoring

The event ‘Rethinking Hospital Efficiencies – The Role of Wireless Patient Monitoring’ highlighted how technology can be used to deliver efficient patient care in the post covid era.

Technical specifications

Lightweight and comfortable for patients
Single use and fully disposable – no cross-infection risk
Showerproof (IP54)
Seamless roaming in bridged area
Long range connection
Ethernet, cellular or WiFi connection (version dependant)
Easy plug & play
iOS and Android apps
Web-based app
Simple, intuitive interface
Electronic observations
Calculate Early Warning Score (EWS) - completely customizable
FDA 510(k) approved
CE mark (class IIa)
Sensium Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring


Experts in innovation implementation

TSC Connected Care understands that the implementation of innovation is not always as easy as it sounds. The Sensium team has years of experience, assisting healthcare providers with this task. With a dedicated Clinical and Technical team, we can help navigate the implementation and integration into your company.

Hospital at home patient moving freely remote monitoring