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TSC Connected Care Unveils New Website and Email Addresses

News - 20 May 2024

TSC Connected Care is excited to announce the launch of our new website,


This significant update reflects the expansion of our organization following the acquisition of Care XS last year. With this development, we are better equipped to offer turnkey solutions that help free up beds and staff, enabling the delivery of more and higher-quality patient care.


Our innovative technologies, such as Sensium and Thelma, continue to drive quality and efficiency improvements in healthcare:


  • Sensium, our ICU-grade wireless monitoring technology, has been proven to reduce Length of Stay by 10-30%.
  • Thelma, our smart medication dispenser, can free up to 66% of home care workforces.


Effective from 20th May, all TSC Connected Care employees, irrespective of their location or division, will transition to new email addresses formatted as These new email addresses will be operational from 20th May 2024.


For any support enquiries, please reach out to us at, and for general inquiries, contact us at


Form the 20th May our existing websites, and, will be archived. Automatic redirects will ensure you are directed to our new site at Additionally, email redirects have been established for all existing employee, information and support email accounts to facilitate a smooth transition.


We look forward to this exciting new phase of our growth and continuing to serve you with enhanced capabilities and dedication.


For Media Inquiries:

TSC Connected Care


Phone: UK +44 (0) 1235 438950 / NL +31 (0) 20 820 8550


About TSC Connected Care:

TSC Connected Care is committed to delivering innovative healthcare solutions that improve patient outcomes and streamline healthcare operations. Through our advanced technologies and comprehensive services, we aim to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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