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Evidence-based decisions

Monitoring patients at every stage of their journey allows for clinical decision making to ensure the best outcomes and efficient, cost-effective healthcare.

  • Assess patient’s requirement for hospital care or their fitness for surgery prior to admission.
  • Detect and act on deterioration as early as possible to deliver more efficient healthcare.
  • Monitor patients with the same ICU grade technology across all care settings.1
  • Assess suitability for early discharge programmes

Post Discharge Care

Continue to monitor patients as they transition to their own homes with their medication needs met by Thelma, our smart medication dispenser.

  • ICU Grade monitoring in any location
  • Smart Medication dispenser to aid with medication compliance
  • Longer term chronic condition monitoring
  • All overseen by our clinical service provision partners

Clinically validated key benefits

Twenty-nine peer-reviewed publications have proven that the Sensium© system has led to the following clinical and economic benefits:

  • Patient comfort – Comfortable, lightweight, unobtrusive patch2
  • Enhanced sense of patient safety
  • Economic benefits – 29% Reduction of length of stay and 80% Reduction in unplanned critical care transfers3
  • Earlier intervention – treat sepsis 6 hours faster4­­

Middle aged male with Sensium wireless vitals patch at home, on the couch on his phone

Novel care delivery

Our solutions give the flexibility to explore new patient pathways, with the reassurance of direct patient and medication adherence monitoring. Get in touch with us to see how this could work for you.